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SWISH SWIRL & SNIFF: Published June 2014

"Full flavored, wise, and wildly alive, Salvatore Marici's poetry rings and beats in your head as he travels through the Amazon, Guatemala, Sicily, doctor s offices, arenas, kitchens, and the Midwest. From one poem to the next, there is a connected cord. The imagery these poems project will have you swishing, swirling, and sniffing amidst the senses as well as becoming at one with the present."

"Swish Swirl & Sniff exudes a vibrant life force, paying homage to Sicily, baseball, food, love, the Midwest, music, and travel, all topped off with a little wine or cappuccino. The poems are full of compelling images, sudden surprise, and bright bits of wisdom. Marici, himself, is one of the very writers he describes who can: blur / reality and imagination / into images / and put them on paper." --Susan Terris, author, Ghost of Yesterday: New & Selected Poems

"These poems are rich, loamy, fragrant with life. Unafraid to be playful, unafraid to be understood, they embrace the world as if they want to eat it whole. Read this book if you want to feel a little more alive." --Thomas Lux, author, Child Made of Sand

"Salvatore Marici's poems are honest, heartfelt letters from a sly poet devoted to the art of seeing. Everything sharpens in Sal's vision. In one poem, a stem / emerges through a topsoil / richer than gold. In another our narrator confesses that, The swinging gait in my crawl / shakes my butt, splits / the leopard pattern sarong. The sublime and the comic, secrets waiting to be learned, Swish Swirl & Sniff has them in spades. " --Matthew Guenette, author of American Busboy and Sudden Anthem.

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MORTALS, NATURE, and their SPIRITS: Published June 2012

"Like all good folklore, the poems in Salvatore Marici s Mortals, Nature, and their Spirits read at once meditative and elemental; they seem to talk and laugh with deities. The labyrinth, a central image of this rich collection, is not designed to confound the curvy path has neither tricks nor decisions for me to make. Instead, Marici s labyrinth leads to wisdom and a greater awareness of self." --Stephen Frech, Associate Professor of English, Millikin University, and author of A Palace of Strangers Is No City.

"Mortals, Nature, and their Spirits by Salvatore Marici is an enchanting array of rhythmic encounters, sensual visions, and perceptive reflections of mysteries and magic of Nature and Nature people. It is a sacred poetic journey well crafted and well taken." --Rev. Selena Fox, Senior, Minister, Circle Sanctuary

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